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Selena A

Selena (they/them) is a creative soul and admirer of life, nature and the Arts. They have vast cultural knowledge from their upbringing, moving across the country 14 times and 2 years of higher education studying government with focus in law and arts in media design.

Unsure of how to merge their vision and passion in Restorative Justice and the Arts, they moved to Colorado to take a break from higher education in a search of self-discovery. Since then, they have 3 years of Creative Freelancing experience hosting workshops and using their art for educational purposes with various organizations such as DAWN; Deaf Abused Woman’s Network based in Washington, DC, KindCup, Sins Invalid, AlmaDeMuxeristas, Plantita Power and more. Through their creative journey they came across an opportunity to work with DOVE as a Survivor Resiliency Coordinator (SRC). Selena is overjoyed and filled with gratitude to work with an amazing organization and team that focuses on empowerment and uplifting the community.

Spreading seeds of knowledge, love and light brings them joy and having the space to do so with DOVE inspires Selena. With their experience developing workshops in the arts and cultural knowledge – they aspire to develop programs that will focus on long term healing and coping skills for DOVE’s survivors.

In Selena’s free time you’ll find them painting, on nature walks, watching the latest horror/action movie or spending time with loved ones.