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Following up re: COVID-19

Every day brings new information and sometimes, new stressors related to the coronavirus pandemic. We are glad that many of you have reached out for clarification or additional support; please know that all of us DOVE staff are working and available to support you.

This pandemic has a huge impact especially on those who are experiencing abuse; with job layoffs/reductions and encouraged social distancing, we recognize that violence may be worsening for many victims/survivors stuck at home. DOVE advocates will try our hardest to be creative in providing access to our services (for example, if it’s not safe to VP, we can consider using other platforms such as text, email, or Marco Polo to see what works) while continuing to avoid in-person interactions.

Also, be aware that some systems such as courts are reducing hours or even closing completely due to coronavirus – this can cause more stress and frustration, too. We are happy to help find out information for you related to these challenges as well. This is a really tough time for many. We’re with you.